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Inspiration: the Importance of Breathing

Have you ever wanted greater mental processing power, a better memory, more creative ideas, faster decisions or a happier, healthier brain? The word ‘inspire’ most often refers to a moment of, or an ...
By Jacqui Martin | 10 July 2017
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How to Set Positive Resolutions and Actually Keep Them

Have you started the new year full of good intentions and resolutions to improve your wellbeing, challenge yourself and achieve your personal and professional goals? Have you wavered yet? As humans, ...
By Grace Green | 18 January 2017
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Boosting Employee Engagement by Investing in Wellbeing

Empirical research shows that wellbeing is a prerequisite for sustaining success for people and their workplaces, not simply a happy benefit. When people feel happy, engaged and purposeful at work ...
By Sue Langley | 13 October 2016
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Nudge Practices: Small Things That Count Toward Happiness

What are the building blocks of happiness? The drivers that maximise wellbeing and gear people and human systems toward flourishing? There is no single solution; rather it is about engaging in ...
By Sue Langley | 15 December 2015
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MindPT: Personal Training for the Mind

Are you ready to feel happier, more confident and more motivated about your goals? We've partnered with MindPT, the personal training and technology company for the mind, to bring you something new, ...
By Langley Group | 14 October 2015
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Creating a Positive Culture at Work: What Positive Psychology Can Teach Us

A positive workplace culture can go a long way toward helping people feel happy, engaged and committed at work. Employee satisfaction, engagement and wellbeing are all factors that drive business ...
By Sue Langley | 12 September 2015
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Trust at the heart of happiness

I recently returned from Denmark, often cited as one of the happiest places in the world. The Happiness Research Institute, a Danish think-tank who publish a nation-wide Happiness Equality Index, ...
By Sue Roffey | 2 July 2015
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Happy and creative at work: How to maximise your and your team’s creative potential

Happy people tend to be more creative and productive at work. When we feel good, our brains perform better and come up with more creative and novel ideas. We are also more open to input from others, ...
By Sue Langley | 10 May 2015
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Happiness and the bottom line

The evidence is in: Positive, engaged workers are more productive and are key to the success of their companies. The truism that happy workers are productive workers is slowly gaining credence among ...
By Langley Group | 22 January 2015
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Learning to live together: Foundations for flourishing

Wellbeing begins with we. Good relationships are the building blocks on which flourishing futures are built, for our children, our workplaces and our communities. Human beings are primed to connect ...
By Sue Roffey | 3 December 2014
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