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The Role of Positive Psychology in HR

This February we joined over 120 senior HR leaders from different industries to talk about Positive HR at the ELMO Victoria HR Leadership Summit in Melbourne. HR professional's practices and ...

Spend in-depth time with Martin Seligman In Sydney - April 2018

We invite you to join us at an Exclusive Afternoon Workshop with the father of modern Positive Psychology - Martin Seligman SPECIAL OFFER from The Langley Group - Enter the code TLGMS to receive a ...
By Fiona McEachran | 22 February 2018
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Sue Langley Joins Inspiring International Speakers at World's Largest Happiness Conference

Langley Group is returning in 2018 as the Platinum Sponsor for Happiness & Its Causes - the world’s leading conference on happiness and wellbeing! HAPPINESS & ITS CAUSES 2018 The ...
By Langley Group | 15 November 2017
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Sue Langley Speaking At World’s Leading Conference On Wellbeing & Happiness!

The Langley Group is excited to be the Platinum Sponsor for the world’s leading conference on wellbeing and happiness - the 11th annual Happiness & Its Causes conference to be held 22 & 23 June 2017 ...
By Langley Group | 14 March 2017
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Australia's Largest Health and Wellness Expo, Starts April 1st

If staying fit, healthy and happy is a priority in your life, this show is for you! The Wellness Show brings together 100+ exhibitors across areas such as fitness, beauty, spa and wellness, health ...
By Langley Group | 16 March 2016
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MindPT: Personal Training for the Mind

Are you ready to feel happier, more confident and more motivated about your goals? We've partnered with MindPT, the personal training and technology company for the mind, to bring you something new, ...
By Langley Group | 14 October 2015
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Positioning workplaces for the future: Sue Langley at the APS IOP Conference

What are the key capacities workplaces need in the 21st Century? What mindset and abilities do leaders need to position themselves, their organisations and their teams to succeed and thrive in ...
By Langley Group | 21 July 2015
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New White Paper: Diversity in the Boardroom

The demand for diversity on boards is growing - we want more women, younger people, and a greater diversity of thinking at the top. The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) is calling for ...
By Langley Group | 15 July 2015
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Participant review: i4 Neuroleader Certification

i4 Neuroleader Certification is a course that equips coaches, consultants and leaders with the tools to discover the core 'brain and body' abilities that impact leadership effectiveness, ...
By Langley Group | 9 May 2015
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Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing: Video

The Langley Group Institute's Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing is inspiring people with the knowledge and practical applications to enable individuals, businesses and communities to ...
By Langley Group | 10 April 2014
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