Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis is a chartered organisational psychologist and one of the leading experts in positive psychology and Appreciative Inquiry in the UK. An Associated Fellow of the British Psychological Society and key founder of the Association of Business Psychologists, she works with organisations around the world to achieve effective, sustainable, positive change. She is author of Positive Psychology at Work, Positive Psychology and Change, and joint author of Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management.

Recent Posts

Nine Principles for Co-Creating Culture Change

How do you help organisations achieve positive, rapid and sustainable change? Traditionally change in organisations has been a top-down, linear, compliance process; first designed and then ...
By Sarah Lewis | 25 August 2016
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Five Questions That Will Add Value to Your Bottom Line

Do you want to make savings and improvements in your business? Start by asking the right questions. Asking good questions is an art that business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs sometimes forget as ...
By Sarah Lewis | 22 June 2016
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