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Putting emotional intelligence into action

People often assume that emotional intelligence is just something you are born with—some people naturally tune into what others feel and put them at ease, and others just don’t operate that way. It ...
By Sue Langley | 6 August 2012
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Ten quick tips for managing your emotions in stressful situations

We all have strategies for managing our emotions, some more effective than others. After a stressful day at work we might hit the gym or head out for drinks with our friends. A regular exercise ...
By Sue Langley | 26 June 2012
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Goal setting activity: How to set strategies to achieve your goals

You have a goal in mind, perhaps many, and aren’t sure exactly how to achieve it. It might be a habit you want to change, a new skill you want to incorporate into how you do business, or a personal ...
By Janet Langley | 25 May 2012
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Willpower: Five strategies for building new habits and resisting temptation

Exerting willpower to build new habits or resist temptation often seems like too much hard work. You’ve had a stressful day at work, navigating a dozen complex decisions to juggle the project budget ...
By Sue Langley | 23 May 2012
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Reshaping leadership habits that get in the way of high performance

The higher an executive is promoted in an organisation, the more vital their strategic and interpersonal behaviours are to the success of their organisations and teams. Often success strategies that ...
By Sophie Francis | 23 May 2012
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The one thing I do every day to practice my emotional intelligence skills

Using emotions effectively enhances my decision making daily. That's why I define emotional intelligence as being more intelligent about emotions. Knowing how emotions work and being aware of them in ...
By Sue Langley | 14 March 2012
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How to Leverage your Strengths at Work

We all have things that we are good at and enjoy doing. These are our natural capacities and strengths. They make us and make us feel energised and engaged, ready and able to do our best. Positive ...
By Sue Langley | 14 March 2012
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Six quick wins to engage your team

How can you engage team members during times of transformation and change? The daily interactions that build positive connections and show you care can make the most difference. Here are six quick ...
By Sue Langley | 12 March 2012
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Gratitude: How to add to your happiness quota with this simple practice

Affirming our gratitude increases our positive emotions, which helps to banish the negatives. The more we practice reflecting on the things we are grateful for, the more we broaden our thinking and ...
By Sue Langley | 8 February 2012
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Does all this focus on being positive mean I have to be happy all the time?

The focus on positive psychology in the media and society sometimes gives the impression that people are now expected to be happy all the time. This can lead people to feel under pressure to achieve ...
By Sue Langley | 6 January 2012
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