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Sue Langley Interview: Australian Talent Conference 2017

Lessons from neuroscience for the workplace and home.  How do we overcome our brain’s unconscious biases? How important is making a connection in the recruitment process? What role should strengths ...
By Langley Group | 6 July 2017
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Podcast: How To Bring Out the Best In Yourself and Others

Are you wondering what it takes to consistently bring out the best in yourself and others?  Wish you understood how to work with people’s brains when it comes to creating lasting positive behavior ...
By Langley Group | 18 July 2016
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Building Strengths-Based Organisations and Teams

Strengths are an integral part of positive approaches to promote thriving in individuals and organisations. Building on research on the benefits of strengths use, new studies are showing what happens ...
By Sue Langley | 3 May 2016
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Positioning workplaces for the future: Sue Langley at the APS IOP Conference

What are the key capacities workplaces need in the 21st Century? What mindset and abilities do leaders need to position themselves, their organisations and their teams to succeed and thrive in ...
By Langley Group | 21 July 2015
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Frontline report: World Congress on Positive Psychology 2015

I just returned from Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Florida, where the largest global gathering of positive psychology researchers, practitioners, educators and students met for the Fourth World ...
By Sue Langley | 9 July 2015
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Divided attention: How to be more mindful about multitasking

Our brains simply aren’t wired for multitasking, no matter how much our technologically frenetic workplaces and lives demand it. So says a long line of research and popular articles. Being bombarded ...
By Sophie Francis | 10 May 2015
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Frontline report: Neuroleadership Summit, NexusEQ and Positive Psychology Congress

Positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience are fast-growing fields. I attended three global conferences in June that fit with our three areas of focus, presenting at two: ...
By Sue Langley | 22 July 2013
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Positive 2012: Updates from the forefront of positive psychology in Australia

  Positive psychology was in the spotlight last month at the 3rd Australian Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Conference. At the March 22-25 conference, hosted by The Australian Institute of Business ...
By Sue Langley | 16 April 2012
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