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Emotional Intelligence and Peak Performance: A Winning Strategy

The intelligent use of emotions is a cornerstone of peak performance. Leaders, coaches, athletes, teachers, parents, prime ministers, humans from many walks of life, can benefit from learning more ...
By Sue Langley | 31 October 2015
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Why We Should Care About Emotions at Work

People often ask me whether emotions have a place in the workplace. I reply, of course, humans are emotional beings. That doesn’t mean we always welcome emotions or know how to be intelligent with ...
By Sue Langley | 28 October 2015
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Emotional Intelligence Most Important Leadership Asset, Says New Australian PM

Australia’s new Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull vowed on Monday to be a more emotionally intelligent leader. Speaking to journalist Leigh Sales on ABC 7.30 Report, he asserted "emotional intelligence ...
By Sue Langley | 22 September 2015
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How to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Yourself and Others

Emotional intelligence is a critical tool in business, yet it is often considered a ‘hard’ skill to pinpoint and learn. In simple terms, EI (or EQ) is the ability to be intelligent about emotions. ...
By Sue Langley | 20 July 2015
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Emotional intelligence essentials

The quality of our life is directly related to the quality of our emotions. Learning about emotional intelligence on the job can improve performance at work and play. Whether you are aware of it or ...
By Langley Group | 30 March 2015
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Leadership In A Connected World

Smart use of emotions, says Sue Langley, can improve our capacity to work well with others, engage with our jobs, manage stress and make more effective decisions. Welcome to a world of EQ (Emotional ...
By Langley Group | 3 December 2014
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Emotional Intelligence: Fad or effective management tool?

Emotional intelligence is a buzzword in management circles. Advocates claim that emotions should be allowed in the workplace, and managers should be taught to better understand and manage their ...
By Sue Langley | 1 November 2014
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Leading with emotional intelligence

Emotions play a far greater role in determining business outcomes than many leaders realise. Economic and business theory assumes that there are rational answers to everything and that people are ...
By Sue Langley | 23 January 2014
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Managing change in organisations: A positive, emotionally intelligent approach

When organisations or government departments embark on large-scale change, whether to cut costs, institute reform, acquire assets or increase advantage, they often underestimate the hidden costs and ...
By Sue Langley | 25 November 2013
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Emotional Intelligence: most important tool for SMEs

While business owners expend most of their energy focusing on planning, administration, cashflow, and getting through the day, the focus should shift to the psychology of business. Emotional ...
By Langley Group | 6 September 2013
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