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Managing change in organisations: A positive, emotionally intelligent approach

When organisations or government departments embark on large-scale change, whether to cut costs, institute reform, acquire assets or increase advantage, they often underestimate the hidden costs and ...
By Sue Langley | 25 November 2013
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Emotional Intelligence: most important tool for SMEs

While business owners expend most of their energy focusing on planning, administration, cashflow, and getting through the day, the focus should shift to the psychology of business. Emotional ...
By Langley Group | 6 September 2013
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Program spotlight: Harnessing emotional intelligence with Leadership Horsepower

Let’s face it – developing new awareness, letting go of old habits and behaving in a new way is easy to say and much harder to do. That’s why traditional leadership training often falls short. ...
By Langley Group | 22 July 2013
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Which emotional intelligence test should I use?

Emotional intelligence is a critical tool in business, underpinning people’s capacity to work well with others, manage stress and make effective decisions. What was once thought an intangible ...
By Sue Langley | 6 August 2012
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Putting emotional intelligence into action

People often assume that emotional intelligence is just something you are born with—some people naturally tune into what others feel and put them at ease, and others just don’t operate that way. It ...
By Sue Langley | 6 August 2012
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Ten quick tips for managing your emotions in stressful situations

We all have strategies for managing our emotions, some more effective than others. After a stressful day at work we might hit the gym or head out for drinks with our friends. A regular exercise ...
By Sue Langley | 26 June 2012
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Emotional intelligence: Why does it matter?

  “We cannot check our emotions at the door because emotion and thought are linked—they cannot, and should not, be separated.”[1] David Caruso. We are working in increasingly complex and competitive ...
By Sue Langley | 22 June 2012
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The one thing I do every day to practice my emotional intelligence skills

Using emotions effectively enhances my decision making daily. That's why I define emotional intelligence as being more intelligent about emotions. Knowing how emotions work and being aware of them in ...
By Sue Langley | 14 March 2012
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How emotionally intelligent are your financial advisers?

Expert financial advisers are masters at using emotional intelligence to deepen client relationships and instil trust. A recent study by the Association of Financial Advisers found that what ...
By Keith Peel | 9 February 2012
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