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Emotional Intelligence Most Important Leadership Asset, Says New Australian PM

Australia’s new Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull vowed on Monday to be a more emotionally intelligent leader. Speaking to journalist Leigh Sales on ABC 7.30 Report, he asserted "emotional intelligence ...
By Sue Langley | 22 September 2015
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Creating a Positive Culture at Work: What Positive Psychology Can Teach Us

A positive workplace culture can go a long way toward helping people feel happy, engaged and committed at work. Employee satisfaction, engagement and wellbeing are all factors that drive business ...
By Sue Langley | 12 September 2015
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New White Paper: Diversity in the Boardroom

The demand for diversity on boards is growing - we want more women, younger people, and a greater diversity of thinking at the top. The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) is calling for ...
By Langley Group | 15 July 2015
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Positive psychology resources: Our top positive strategies and articles

  Positive psychology is the scientific study of optimal human performance and wellbeing. This diverse field explores strengths, virtues, thriving, excellence, resilience, happiness, creativity and ...
By Langley Group | 5 June 2015
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Leadership in a connected world

Smart use of emotions, says Sue Langley, can improve our capacity to work well with others, engage with our jobs, manage stress and make more effective decisions. Welcome to a world of EQ (Emotional ...
By Langley Group | 3 December 2014
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