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Sue Langley In Hit ABC TV Series: Redesign My Brain

By Langley Group | 1 October 2013

redesign-my-brain-0011-880x.jpgSue Langley was the emotional intelligence expert in the hit ABC TV series Redesign My Brain, produced by Mindful Media.

Australian television personality Todd Sampson put brain training to the test as he underwent a radical brain makeover, in a three-part documentary series on the revolutionary new science of brain plasticity.

Sue was among a team of experts working with Todd to dramatically improve change his brain’s performance. In the third, and last, episode Todd faced his greatest fear - being chained, handcuffed and blindfolded underwater with only his radically improved brain to help him escape. Sue prepared Todd to manage his emotions to survive the death-defying challenge.

Watch Sue in a clip from the show:

Read more about Redesign My Brain.

Edited to add: Redesign My Brain was broadcast on the Science Channel in the US as Hack My Brain and has been shown in Canada. A new series is in production.

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