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Positive psychology resources: Our top positive strategies and articles

By Langley Group | 5 June 2015



Positive psychology is the scientific study of optimal human performance and wellbeing. This diverse field explores strengths, virtues, thriving, excellence, resilience, happiness, creativity and personal growth, offering proven strategies to help individuals, organisations and communities flourish and succeed.

Here's a roundup of some of our most popular positive psychology resources, articles and strategies designed to help you find greater happiness, vitality and meaning in your life and work.

An introduction to positive psychology

Positive psychology fact sheet
Positive psychology has changed mainstream psychology. After years classifying and repairing the worst of human experience, positive psychology emerged to build on the best. Learn more about the science and practice of positive psychology in this fact-sheet.

Positive psychology ebook
Our positive psychology eBook is a great resource introducing you to some of the most practical and research-backed ways to apply positive psychology to increase happiness, wellbeing and effectiveness—in your life, at work, at home and with the people you care for, help and lead.

Positive psychology practices

3 ways to bring more gratitude into your life
There is no diminishing return for gratitude and appreciation. Thanking others makes us more tolerant of differences, creating a sense of camaraderie and belonging. Here are 3 strategies positive psychology studies show will bring more gratitude and positivity into your life.

Four steps for building your resilience
Resilience is the capacity to withstand and adapt to the challenges life throws us. Here are four steps you can practice to bolster resilience and growth through difficult situations.

Four things you can do today to practice kindness
Practicing daily acts of kindness gives life meaning and makes giver and receiver happier. So how can we cultivate kindness, in ourselves and people around us every day? These are Sue's tips.

Positive psychology at work

The ROI of happiness at work
Happiness isn't just a good idea, its extremely good business. Leading researchers and innovative business leaders are now taking employee wellbeing seriously. We show why.

Happiness and the bottom line
The evidence is in: Positive, engaged workers are more productive and are key to the success of their companies. A positive flourishing work environment, means flourishing people and output. Sue Langley speaks to Evolution about positive psychology at work.

Five ways to leverage strengths in organisations
It’s tempting to focus on bridging gaps and improving weaknesses when we want to guide people and organisations to succeed. Focusing on strengths makes a far greater difference.

Happy and creative at work
Everyone wants to be more creative and productive at work. Leaders are under more pressure than ever to come up with creative and innovative solutions and create a culture where people can perform at their best. Research shows that positive emotions are key.

Positive human resources
Do your organisation's policies focus more on what employees shouldn't do than what you'd like them to do? Positive language in HR processes improves productivity and engagement and employee health. Sue Langley spoke to HR Daily about our unconscious bias toward negative language at work and why it's so important to encourage people to focus on the positive in their daily work lives.

Helping people through positive psychology

Strengths-based coaching
Strengths are at the heart of positive psychology approaches to coaching. If you want to do something truly powerful for your coaching clients a strengths-based, solution-focused coaching approach is a must for building resources, resilience, performance and wellbeing.

Realising more potential in strengths coaching
By realising their strengths, our clients and team members can become more energised, effective and confident. They reach goals faster and more easily, and experience less stress and greater well-being. Sophie Francis and Sue Langely explain how to use the Realise2 strength approach, a powerful method to coach people to success, in CoachLink, the International Coach Federation magazine.

More positive psychology resources

You can find many more articles in the positive psychology section of our blog. Our Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing offers a robust and inspiring education for anyone who wants to apply the science of positive psychology in their life and work. Our Positive Psychology Wisdom Seekers, an online book club running throughout the year, is a fun way to delve into the best positive psychology books with expert support and like-minded minded people. Why not boost your positivity in practical ways by taking an online Realise2 strengths assessment or a professional Realise2 accreditation course to learn how to help the people you work with or coach realise and develop their strengths.

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