Ask Sue! Positive Strategies for Managing Negative Conversations

How can we manage negative people and conversations in our everyday life? What are the best strategies for taking care of ourselves and others? How can we take charge of our emotions and positively ...
By Sue Langley | 8 December 2017
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How Right are we About our Brains? Understanding the ‘Left-Brain’ ‘Right-Brain’ Theory

  Do we have a dominant hemisphere in the brain? Is a particular hemisphere responsible for your creativity or logical ability? How relevant is being left or right-handed to our ability to think ...
By Langley Group | 17 November 2017
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Sue Langley Joins Inspiring International Speakers at World's Largest Happiness Conference

Langley Group is returning in 2018 as the Platinum Sponsor for Happiness & Its Causes - the world’s leading conference on happiness and wellbeing! HAPPINESS & ITS CAUSES 2018 The ...
By Langley Group | 16 November 2017
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Emotional Agility by Susan David: a review & competition!

Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change and Thrive in Work and Life  Susan David PhD is a psychologist and faculty member at Harvard Medical School. In her new book Emotional Agility, David ...
By Langley Group | 24 October 2017
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Fighting Decision Fatigue with the Power of Positive Habits

It’s probably no surprise to you that the number of decisions we make each day is estimated to be in the thousands! In this age of digital connection, the pressure to capture, filter and act on ...
By Sue Langley | 24 October 2017
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Inspiration: the Importance of breathing

Have you ever wanted greater mental processing power, a better memory, more creative ideas, faster decisions or a happier, healthier brain? The word ‘inspire’ most often refers to a moment of, or an ...
By Jacqui Martin | 10 July 2017
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Study Positive Psychology by the Beach

What benefits are there from studying in nature? How does time spent in nature impact our health and wellbeing? How does nature influence your creativity?  Being immersed in nature is great for our ...
By Langley Group | 3 April 2017
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Celebrating 500 Students: positive ripples

While celebrating a wonderful 2016 with our team in Sydney, we accepted our 500th student into the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. This is an important milestone and goal we have had in ...
By Langley Group | 1 December 2016
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Make 2017 a Positive Year!

Over the past year, we have received wonderful feedback from our students about the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. We’ve seen them go on to make a significant difference in their lives ...
By Langley Group | 11 July 2016
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How Nature Can Reset Your Health and Wellbeing

Do you find your worries seeping away after a stroll in the forest or by a lake? Nature is like a recharge button for your energy as well as your health and wellbeing. Plugging ourselves in and ...
By Langley Group | 4 April 2016
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