Sue Langley Interview: Crack the Leadership Code with Michelle Pizer

By Langley Group | 5 July 2017


Being a great leader can feel as elusive as cracking a secret code. It doesn’t have to be. The truth is, every interaction within our workplace matters. Every interaction is an opportunity to put your leadership into action to make a real difference.

Sue Langley spoke with host and interviewer Dr. Michelle Pizer for the online course Crack the Leadership Code. Sue and Michelle discuss the role strengths play in the positive leadership space, how to use strengths for effective leadership, and how strengths can be used to get the best from yourself and the people you work with.

In this interview Sue shares tips for showing up at work as the best version of yourself every day, spotting strengths in yourself and others, and how to harness strengths to enhance performance and overcome weaknesses or ‘development areas’.  

Learn what strengths are, strategies for strengths spotting, why understanding strengths is important for effective leadership, and how awareness of your strengths can help you feel more confident and perform better in difficult circumstances.

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