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Happiness and the bottom line

By Langley Group | 22 January 2015


The evidence is in: Positive, engaged workers are more productive and are key to the success of their companies. The truism that happy workers are productive workers is slowly gaining credence among chief executives around the world.

Sue Langley speaks to Evolution, an international business and technology magazine, about the ROI of investing in positive psychology to boost happiness and productivity at work.

Boosting employee happiness doesn’t always require a financial investment. At least one study shows that the simple act of sending and receiving emails can increase employees’ feeling of social connection and have a big impact on their performance.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States analyzed the email traffic and financial success of 2,600 IBM employees and found that those workers with strong electronic communication links with their manager and colleagues earned more money for IBM than those who were more distant – an average of 948 US dollars for every email contact. The results come as no surprise to Sue Langley. “If we create a flourishing environment, we actually get flourishing people and output.”

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