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Sue Langley

Sue Langley is a speaker, master trainer, global business consultant, researcher and leading advisor on the practical workplace applications of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. She is CEO and founder of the Langley Group of companies and creator of the world's first government accredited Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.

Recent Posts

Nudge Practices: Small Things That Count Toward Happiness

What are the building blocks of happiness? The drivers that maximise wellbeing and gear people and human systems toward flourishing? There is no single solution; rather it is about engaging in ...
By Sue Langley | 15 December 2015
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Emotional Intelligence and Peak Performance: A Winning Strategy

The intelligent use of emotions is a cornerstone of peak performance. Leaders, coaches, athletes, teachers, parents, prime ministers, humans from many walks of life, can benefit from learning more ...
By Sue Langley | 31 October 2015
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Why We Should Care About Emotions at Work

People often ask me whether emotions have a place in the workplace. I reply, of course, humans are emotional beings. That doesn’t mean we always welcome emotions or know how to be intelligent with ...
By Sue Langley | 28 October 2015
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Emotional Intelligence Most Important Leadership Asset, Says New Australian PM

Australia’s new Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull vowed on Monday to be a more emotionally intelligent leader. Speaking to journalist Leigh Sales on ABC 7.30 Report, he asserted "emotional intelligence ...
By Sue Langley | 22 September 2015
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Creating a Positive Culture at Work: What Positive Psychology Can Teach Us

A positive workplace culture can go a long way toward helping people feel happy, engaged and committed at work. Employee satisfaction, engagement and wellbeing are all factors that drive business ...
By Sue Langley | 12 September 2015
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Lead with the Brain in Mind: 5 Tips to Boost Your Brain’s Performance

To lead people we first need to be able to lead ourselves. Leading with the brain in mind helps us bring out the best in ourselves so we can do the same with others. Understanding how the human brain ...
By Sue Langley | 25 August 2015
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How to Encourage More Diversity on Boards

The demand for diversity on boards is growing – we want more women, younger people, and a greater diversity of culture and thinking at the top. The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) is ...
By Sue Langley | 10 August 2015
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What Every Manager Needs to Know About Engagement: Focus on People’s Strengths

It’s tempting to focus on bridging gaps and improving weaknesses when we want to guide people to succeed at work or in life. Yet we do so at the expense of making full use of their strengths. If you ...
By Sue Langley | 23 July 2015
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How to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Yourself and Others

Emotional intelligence is a critical tool in business, yet it is often considered a ‘hard’ skill to pinpoint and learn. In simple terms, EI (or EQ) is the ability to be intelligent about emotions. ...
By Sue Langley | 20 July 2015
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Frontline report: World Congress on Positive Psychology 2015

I just returned from Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Florida, where the largest global gathering of positive psychology researchers, practitioners, educators and students met for the Fourth World ...
By Sue Langley | 9 July 2015
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