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Sophie Francis

Sophie writes about positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience for the Langley Group. She is an accredited R2 Strengths practitioner with a Master of Business Coaching from University of Wollongong, and co-author of Working with Strengths in Coaching, in the SAGE Handbook of Coaching (in press).

Recent Posts

Four Strengths Tools Based on Positive Psychology

The science of strengths is increasingly attractive to coaching professionals and organisations, spurred by scholarly research, popular books, and a growing range of strengths assessments and ...
By Sophie Francis | 26 July 2016
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Divided attention: How to be more mindful about multitasking

Our brains simply aren’t wired for multitasking, no matter how much our technologically frenetic workplaces and lives demand it. So says a long line of research and popular articles. Being bombarded ...
By Sophie Francis | 10 May 2015
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Five ways to leverage strengths in organisations

It’s tempting to focus on bridging gaps and improving weaknesses when we want to guide people and organisations to succeed. We do so at the expense of making full use of people’s strengths, says Sue ...
By Sophie Francis | 15 October 2014
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Realising More Potential In Strengths Coaching

Strengths are at the heart of positive approaches to coaching. They’re also an authentic, energising and accessible resource that can be harnessed to achieve valued outcomes. Once people know what ...
By Sophie Francis | 23 August 2014
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Happiness at work: The ROI of happy workplaces and employees

The science of happiness is changing the way we work, think and live. After a decade of psychological research and inquiry into what makes people happy, the value happy employees bring to work has ...
By Sophie Francis | 4 February 2014
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Managing change in organisations: A positive, emotionally intelligent approach

When organisations or government departments embark on large-scale change, whether to cut costs, institute reform, acquire assets or increase advantage, they often underestimate the hidden costs and ...
By Sophie Francis | 25 November 2013
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Busting myths in positive psychology

Positive psychology is a flourishing field. It has positively altered the direction and language of mainstream psychology, opening career opportunities in coaching, counselling and organisational ...
By Sophie Francis | 13 November 2012
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Why kindness is good for business

Kindness is viral. In a world where people are increasingly connected across digital networks, and becoming less connected in workplaces and communities, acts of kindness have enormous power to ...
By Sophie Francis | 16 October 2012
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Reshaping leadership habits that get in the way of high performance

The higher an executive is promoted in an organisation, the more vital their strategic and interpersonal behaviours are to the success of their organisations and teams. Often success strategies that ...
By Sophie Francis | 23 May 2012
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